A Winter Couple Session at Singing Beach & Lynn Woods || Manchester-by-the-Sea & Lynn, Massachusetts


Singing Beach + Lynn Woods Couple Session 

As a wedding photographer, its no question that I'm a total sucker for a love stories… And Alyssa and Chris have a reallyyyyy cute one… :)

It all started in a college class they had together. Alyssa was sitting there patiently at her desk, waiting for class to start. And thats when Chris walked in. Now, Chris has been eying Alyssa all semester - and that day in particular, he noticed she had a quirky little strawberry pop-tart container sitting on her desk. AKA - the perfect way to strike up a conversation with the pretty gal in the front row. So he did just that, and the rest, is history! 

Alyssa and Chris are so sweet and fun. They love thrifting, craft beers, live music, outdoor adventures, and uhhh, they are SO incredibly stylist! #goals. 

We starting our session together at Singing Beach. It was a super chilly, overcast afternoon, and the waves crashed harder than ever as we played around on the beach. We soaked up that deliciously salty ocean air, until Alyssa’s poor little toes couldn't take the cold any longer. My goodness, she was such a TROOPER!! I mean it was reallyyyy cold y’all… a true “Spring in New England” kind of day - if you know what I mean. ;) But after a quick little back seat outfit change and dance party, Alyssa and Chris were all warmed up and ready to head to the second location...

We zipped off to Lynn Woods for an adventure in the forest. Lynn Woods was so still and peaceful compared to the roaring, energetic waves we witnessed at Singing Beach. It was the perfect setting to wind down, and share some quite intimate moments with this darling couple. Not to mention, it was much warmer being tucked away in the trees. :) 

Thank you, Alyssa + Chris, for such a fun session filled with playful adventures in nature.
You two are ADORABLE! 

xoxo, Jules