A Sentimental South End Proposal at Union Park in Boston, MA


Ready for a crazy story!? Craig brought Amanda all the way from NYC to Boston for a veryyyy special date night. He wanted to recreate their first date in the South End. Dinner at Barcelona, dessert at The Beehive, and a little dancing below the brownstones in Union Park - the spot where they shared their first kiss!

Little did Amanda know, Craig had even bigger plans! He hired an accordionist to set the mood and play their special song while he got down on one knee, and I hid behind a bush. Haha!

Neighbors who were sitting on their stoop watching clapped and brought over glasses of rose when Amanda cried out “YES!!!” It was such a sweet moment that I feel lucky to have been a part of :)

Congratulations on your engagement, Craig + Amanda!
XO, Jules