An Intimate Lakeside Wedding in the Adirondack Mountains


Norine and Sergio first met in Boston while out dancing. Sergio was living in Chicago at the time, and Norine in Boston, but after getting to know each other for a few days in Boston, they knew they wanted to give a relationship a try… and they did! They slayed long distance 1500 miles away until Norine moved to the Windy City. And now, they’re working on moving to Madrid, Spain!

They’re playful and adventurous, know how to be thoughtful and loving, and enjoy learning from each other every day. Norine taught Sergio how to water ski, and Sergio is teaching Norine Spanish! Too adorable!

Marriage is the perfect idea for Norine and Sergio, so much that they’re having TWO weddings! This very intimate affair at Norine’s family’s lake house in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, and the other in Toledo, Spain where Sergio’s family is from.

Norine and Sergio decided on Lake Titus for the first wedding, where they only had a handful of guests and kept things very sentimental. Both sides of the family nodded to the groom’s heritage in so many ways - Norine’s brother made homemade Spanish vermouth from scratch (say whattt!) and Sergio’s mom read a poem in Spanish during the ceremony. The ceremony was tucked into the woods officiated by a dear family friend with dinner and dancing on the porch of the cabin overlooking the lake. Congratulations, Norine + Sergio! I can’t wait to keep the party going next month in SPAIN! :)