A Summer Engagement at Larz Anderson Park || Brookline, Massachusetts

larz anderson park engagement

A Golden Summer Engagement Session at
Larz Anderson Park // Lauren + David

Lauren and David have been together for TEN years!! They met back in College - Hiram, to be exact - where they both played on the soccer teams. It was Lauren who asked David if he would like to be her boyfriend (I LOVE a girl who makes the first move!) She wrote him a note, that asked “would you like to be my boyfriend?” with two little check boxes. One for yes, and one for no. And of course, we all know what David’s choice was :) 

Fast forward ten years - and David proposed to Lauren! And ya know how he did it?! He wrote her a little note that asked, “would you like to be my wife?” with two little check boxes - one for yes, and one for no. Bringing it back to the way it all started. How cute is that?!

To celebrate their engagement - we headed to Larz Anderson park with their adorable pup, Jemma. Larz Anderson is one of Lauren and David’s (and Jemma’s!) favorite neighborhood spots. And I totally see why! There’s a gorgeous path that loops around a pond, and big grassy fields that overlook Boston’s skyline. Ahh, we had so much fun dancing around in the summer sun… 

Thank you, Lauren and David - for inviting me to capture this special time in your life. I cant WAIT for your wedding in Cape Cod next month!! :) 

Lots of hugs + love,