A Cozy and Intimate In-Home Engagement Session || Vernon, Connecticut


Alexis and LJ are absolutely adorable. They live in a small town in Connecticut with their spunky cat named Rue. On Fridays, they make homemade pizza together. In the colder New England months, they like snuggling up on the couch with some hot toddies and a good read. They are phenomenal plant parents. They have been dating for nearly a decade, and now - they're ENGAGED! 

Lexi and LJ were kind enough to invite me into their home for a very cozy and intimate engagement session.  They make me homemade eggs benedict (like, seriously?! - my clients spoil me!!!), gave me a tour of their killer book collection, and threw a Fleetwood Mac vinyl on their record player to set the mood. 

And then, we made M A G I C.