Or Jules for short. Nope, my name isn't Scarlet! Ok, so why Scarlet Roots then?

When I started my business, I figured that "Julianne Lesinski" would be a mouthful and boatload of spelling errors for my poor clients. For two years, I tried to think of a name to match my fiery passion for photography and capturing love. That's when Scarlet Roots was born! 

Scarlet (which happens to be my favorite name) - like the hue: fiery, passionate, the color of love - it was perfect.

Roots - I was laying down my roots. Photography is the foundation of my life!

Sometimes I get letters or emails addressed to Scarlet - we joke that she's my alter-ego ;) I'm like Batman, but a little cooler. And I definitely like wedding cake more than him.


My philosophy

I absolutely love my job. I get to spend the most special day in a couple’s life - creating memories for them to relive again and again. Its truly an honor - and I take the responsibility of capturing your big day very seriously!
Because you deserve beautiful wedding photos, and an experience that leaves you feeling confident and loved.

I care about your wedding day running smoothly, your vision, and all the little details you’ve so carefully picked out.
I promise to make you feel comfortable and at ease while you’re in front of my camera.
I’m here to be your guide, your resource, your favorite third-wheel, and the bridesmaid you never knew you needed.
So sit back, relax - & let’s get this party started! 


You can totally count on me to:


Be your personal
dress fluffer.


Gather your family in record time for gorgeous portraits.


Always make sure you look + feel AH-MAZING.  


Contort my body in the
name of an amazing photo. 


Ugly cry while you
recite your vows.


Strike a pose with you!!

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